We provide the development, construction and design phase of projects with our own team of experienced designers and specialists in simulation processes. Thanks to this, we can respond very flexibly and accurately to your requirements and possible changes in the order (project).

  • we mainly design single-purpose machines, welding jigs, positioning and inspection jigs, die tools
  • we simulate the processes of welding, painting, application of adhesives, hemming, sheet metal forming
  • we design device processes, layouts, cycles
  • we create materials for measuring programs (sampling, series)

We work in the most modern software on the market. We use Catia V5, Process simulate, Autocad for construction and simulation work

It is possible to cooperate with us in complex orders for development and design work as well as other matters. We can ensure the development and construction of individual elements from your project or individual phases of development and design activities in cooperation with your own team.